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To use Toronto Free‑Net services, you must first become a member. Individuals and non-profit groups can join. Membership is free.

Individual and non-profit group sign-up
  1. Register: Contact us at 416-204-9257 or to get a registration form. Once you've completed the form, we will give you a username consisting of 2 lower-case letters followed by 3 digits, like "aa123". Keep your username and password somewhere safe — you will need them later.
  2. Provide proof of identity: Email, fax, mail or hand-deliver to our office something that proves who you are (because you are becoming a voting member). Please be sure to include the username which you received in Step 1. Any of the following will do:
  3. Make sure you have read and completed the following:

Free webhosting for non-profits

Along with access to Toronto Free‑Net's other services, we also provide free webhosting for community-minded non-profits. You are not required to display advertising, which is often required by other free Web site hosting businesses.

To sign up, please .

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Service upgrades & membership renewal

Once you are a member, you can, at any time, upgrade your account level from Basic, by paying the corresponding fees and completing the appropriate form(s):

Thereafter, you must periodically renew your membership.

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