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What makes Free‑Nets different

At a time when the Internet is dominated by a handful of very large corporations, it's easy to forget that the web was built by and for people.

More than 20 years ago, "community Free‑Nets" started popping in communities across Canada and around the world. The Toronto Free‑Net was one of the first.

Toronto Free‑Net (TFN) - like all Free‑Nets - is a non-profit, self-funded, Internet service provider (ISP). It is controlled by its own users, who are the organizations's voting members.

Free‑Nets are fundamentally different from all the other ISPs out there. While their priority is profit, ours is people.

Here are some of the benefits of our people-first approach:

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By choosing Toronto Free‑Net, you get excellent service while supporting universal Internet access across the GTA, all at a bargain price!

Toronto Free‑Net


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