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Frequently asked questions

How does Toronto Free‑Net work?

Toronto Free‑Net is similar to all other Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Like Bell, Rogers, Teksavvy or any of the many other ISPs you could choose, we buy bandwith on the phone or cable lines that connect to your home and provide it to individuals and organizations.

The key difference between Toronto Free‑Net and all the other ISPs is that we're not doing this for profit. We're doing it because we believe that Internet access is now a basic human necessity and right.

We want to ensure that ALL citizens can and should have affordable, reliable, and secure Internet access that isn't tracked and monetized for the benefit of the few.

Do I have to get new phone or cable lines installed?


We provide Internet and VOIP services over existing phone or cable lines running into your apartment, condo, or house.

Do you need to visit my house to sign me up?

In almost all cases, no.

Who sets Toronto Free‑Net's prices?

Our prices, and every aspect of the services we provide, are set democratically by our members.

Toronto Free‑Net is managed by an executive and board of directors who are elected every year during our annual general meeting.

Is Toronto Free‑Net as reliable as other ISPs?


Many of our members have real-life expertise in computer science and networking and help ensure service that is robust and reliable.

Toronto Free‑Net has a 25-year track record of providing great service.

Is my data safe on Toronto Free‑Net?

No ISP can guarantee complete data security.

But Toronto Free‑Net can guarantee that it is not tracking any of your data or surfing history.

Do you track my data?


Unlike many other ISPs, Toronto Free‑Net does not track, sell, or in any way monetize your Internet use.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely not!

You don't sign a contract with Toronto Free‑Net, you become a member of our community. We hope you won't, but you can leave any time with no notice and no hassle.

Can I volunteer with Toronto Free‑Net?

Definitely! The more our members participate, the stronger our community.

We're always looking for people with networking and coding experience, but that's not all. Any skills or lived experience are valuable to us, and we welcome them.

How do I switch to Toronto Free‑Net?

You can switch to Toronto Free‑Net in four easy steps:

  1. Become a Free‑Net member.
  2. Choose the services to which you'd like to subscribe, and ensure you have the modem you'll need.
  3. Cancel your current ISP, and tell us the date that your service with them will stop.
  4. We'll handle the rest! You won't even notice an interruption in service.
Join us!

By choosing Toronto Free‑Net, you get excellent service while supporting universal Internet access across the GTA, all at a bargain price!

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